Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cypress Semiconductor CY8CTMA1036 chip might work

I just found that there are more competitors in the touch screen or touch-pad market. The Cypress Semiconductor CY8CTMA1036 TrueTouch controller is one of them. The cool thing I see is that it has up to 1000hz scan rates with refresh rate of 400hz that's 4 times faster than Synaptics 7300 series as seen here The bad thing is that I don't see any of there products that claim to be pressure sensitive. But maybe we can get around that. As I've seen on the synaptic driver there is not only the Z verible but also a size of object value that if it was updated by the sensor it might be used as the value we need for preasure. So I'll read more into this chip and it's drivers and see what it might do for us. I also note near the bottom of the article that this device isn't available in mass production yet, only samples are available. and more info about it seen here that shows it can read 10 positions at one time.

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