Thursday, January 16, 2014

Korg MICROKEY25 Micro USB MIDI Keyboard

The Korg MICROKEY25 Micro USB MIDI Keyboard is another device to note. Again it outputs midi data over USB just as we are looking for and it falls into the size and shape we are looking for at a price of only $68 including free shipping as seen at Seems like a good price for a quality product with a good name brand. And here it is demonstrated on

just giving you an idea of what this baby can do in the right hands. Another positive thing about this device and other devices like this is that someone that already knows how to play a keyboard can probably already know how to play devices like this. Were as a tactilemusic-pad will require everyone a learning curve to become a competent player. Adding to this that the user input may change over time with software changes to some degree if a different profile is selected. On the bad side or pro tactilemusic-pad as a standard keyboard compared to a tactilemusic-pad, The tactilemusic-pad can add more subtitle changes and emulate bending of individual notes to emulate instruments like a violin or guitar sound that with only the ability to change from one note to another on a standard piano type keyboard makes that not possible or just not as natural sounding. I would also think that the simplicity in the construction of a touchpad like device with no moving parts should make the costs of construction even less than something like this Korg that has so many moving parts and more things to go wrong over time. Also with added software creativity much more features can be added in software with a tactilemusic-pad. Were as with this device, no firmware or other changes that I can think of could much improve upon it's output.

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