Monday, January 13, 2014

Letter to

We are interested in developing a product line that we think might benefit from your QTC™ Touch Processing Unit technology. We are in need of a touchpad with pressure sensitivity that is larger than normally seen in the present market with the approximate specs seen bellow for the first in our line of a devices we are aiming for:

Size: 12 inches by 6 inches surface aria approximate size minimum
Resolution X and Y axis: 50 lines per inch minimum
Resolution pressure: 256 levels of pressure minimum
Sample rate: 100 samples per second or 10ms response time minimum
Multi-touch sensitivity: 10 points at one time minimum
Driver support: Linux, Windows 8
Interface: USB

We are interested in what your specifications for the QTC Touch Processing Unit are in the above values.
This is to be used to create a touchpad that is to be used in musical instrument input devices. We have interested software developers now that are prepared to start our project when we have a prototype available. This is an open source project that is to be partly funded by For more details of the project and it's goals see . We are looking for estimates of prices for quantities needed for from 1000 and 10000 units and estimates of time that they can be delivered. We also require engineering services and production and distribution service channels as we are mostly involved in software and parts of the physical design. We could use your help in pointing us to services that can turn this idea into a completed item.

Thank You
Scott Carlson

Update jan 15, 2014:
I note I now see some statistic web trafic on our seen from Korea. This might indicate that (they are a Korean company) has received my email and have had a chance to look at this site. But still no return from them as of yet. They might see our goal price is much too low to use there technology? Or maybe they see our interest in the competition with Sinaptics as making it not probable. At least they came for a look. Still looking forward to hearing from them.

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