Thursday, January 30, 2014

PocketBand Android app

This android app isn't quite in my thoughts of being a touchpad musical instrument but I think it still fits into my concept of the goal of creating a group with a pocket band as that's just what it's called. I more like the complexity of a jam with real people each putting in parts in realtime but at some point we still need a backup band in our pocket when we don't quite have all the players in the band needed to get things started. so this can perform as your drums and backup base synth and much more, and be modified in the field to best fit the mood of the group so here it is check it out. definitly adding it to the list of things for a adhoc band to bring to the beach. See what the experts can do with this and also note it includes wan network collaboration:

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  1. I pay tribute to you, it looks cool, I am a piano product.