Sunday, January 19, 2014

Revolutionary new instrument the QuNexus

I found the Qunexus instrument on to be very innovative and had many of the features I was looking for in an instrument. It has after-touch and velocity sensitivity much the way I was looking for. It also has some features I had never even dreamed of with its added outputs of voltage as well as usb interface to a computer to drive midi events it can also drive other methods of bending sounds in other electronic sound devices with voltage changes from a DAC. I also like it's very small portable size and above all I like it's not overly expensive price tag at only $150usd. It also has another advantage over a tactilemusic-pad in that it is more like a standard keyboard that people that play a piano like keyboard instrument will pickup and learn to play this device with ease. It also has another feature that stands it apart with it's lights on each key that are setup to be used to learn to play and as feedback that makes for another nice innovative touch. I'm also very happy to see that they were able to raise the funds needed to make there idea a reality. To me this shows that there is a market for innovative musical instruments in todays market. But I still feel that a pressure sensitive pad like the tactilemusic-pad and other units like it allow for more performance with more flexibility with more surface aria to bend and manipulate sounds with software that would include the ability to have velocity and after-touch, note bend and filter manipulation on a per finger basis as we seen in other examples of touch sensitive surface pad devices in this blog like the tactilemusic-pad. Also one of the strong points of the tactilemusic-pad is that it will continue to improve over time with upgraded open source software or to be custom manipulated with software changes, were as the QuNexus as far as I know will be stuck in performing the same as it's original design with no change over time. I also feel that touch pad devices should be capable of being produced at a lower cost than this device if produced in large enough numbers and with no moving parts there is nothing to ware out.

But I it still think the QuNexus a very cool device that you should consider looking at as seen bellow.

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