Thursday, January 16, 2014

Roll-up piano EL-E2008 61key with MIDI OUT

I found another product that struck me as being similar to what we are working on. It's a roll up piano from . That can be seen in action here .

The cool thing I see about this device is that it has midi output. The bad thing is that I think it has no velocity sensitivity and also has no touch sensitivity in the Y plane. But I was just wondering if this company might be someone to ask if they might want to be involved in the development of our tactilemusic-pad. It would be cool if we could just modify this in some manner to make it become what we wanted. The other cool thing is that this device is only $34. This just goes to show what can be done with just a small amount of money. And I'm not asking for a device that can even creates sound at all just midi or usb data out is all we want, at least for now. But if it cost just $34 more it might be cool to add the feature of having totally portable rool up tactilemusic-pad that includes sound output like this at sometime in the future or maybe even in the first one to make a total portable device.

I also note that they have a usb output unit very similar to this one. I'm not sure what the price on the usb version is but here is the link to it

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