Monday, January 13, 2014

Letter to Roger Linn Design

Hi Roger Linn Design
I just want to say that your Linstrument is totally inspirational. We are now working on a device that we intend to have the ability to have the functionality much like your linstrument. We are now focusing on what would be needed to create a pressure sensitive touchpad that could be used for musical instrument input and make it affordable to the masses. We are presently contacting synaptics for there series 7 7300 device about a new device that might be usable in this case. We are looking to produce from 1000 to 10000 units to start. If you would like to provide some input on the specifications you feel are needed or might prefer we could attempt to gear the product to something you find would be more useful. If your interested you can see more details of our project at Also if your interested we would be glad to send you one of the prototypes of the product for you to play with if you so desire as soon as it becomes available.

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