Saturday, January 18, 2014

The SoundPlane A another Professional Touch sensitive Insturment

Another very cool professional musical instrument using a touch sensitive surface much like what we could only dream to achieve is called the SoundPlane A by . They have created an amazing work of art in itself with looks as well as it's sound generating abilities. But again at a price that is far out of reach of us mere mortals at about $1800usd. See for yourself the demo video that gives you a taste of what it can do, And what we should strive to work toward. The website also has some very interesting and useful information on how they created there instrument and how others could possibly create there own devices as I noted in one of my other articles at Randy of madronalabs was also very quick to respond to our message with a questions we had about our sample rate limitations with the components we are presently looking at to work in our prototype. His replay:

"100 Hz is way better than 0! In other words, I think there is a lot of fun to be had and a lot to learn, without meeting any particular goals for sample rate.”
Thanks for writing and I look forward to seeing what your exploration brings".

From this response I can tell he loves his creation and promotes others to follow in his foot steps as we should.

Photo of a "Soundplane A" and a video demo of what it can do.

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