What is our goal?

Our goal is to attempt to see if we can create a multi-touch pressure sensitive musical touch-pad technology instrument, with off the shelf parts at a price that anyone can afford between our goal cost of $20 - $100usd or with things we already have. Note that this device will not generate any sound on it's own, it will just create a data stream that will be used as input to a computer or small android devices pre-existing software devices, that will generate the sounds or music from midi, OSC, or other conversion and other methods. To make a pressure sensitive touch pad that works as a musical input device, will require minimal lag time with a fast sample rate, accurate and repeatable X and Y lateral sensitivity and a good number of levels of pressure sensitivity. It also requires an adequate touch sensitive surface aria to be big enough to be usable as a musical instrument to allow accurate selections of change in pitch, bend and other manipulations. To do this we will look into the present market of electronic devices and components and technology and see what can be done on a budget to produce such an item in large quantities of between 1000 to 10000 units to start. We will also look at what others have already achieved in similar devices, and at what expense. Note this project will involve software and hardware that will all be released as GPLv3 open source. We also intend to release the hardware design PCB layout and any firmware needed as open source to allow others to make clones and derivatives and compatibles of the design in the future to improve upon the concept of the tactilemusic-pad or touch-pad like musical instrument devices, to make it less expensive to produce, cheaper to buy with better performance over time. If we find we can produce the item at specifications that are within reason, we can see if the world is interested in such an item, if it doesn't already exist, with a kickstarter.com proposal and see what comes of it. We will continue to research to see what the costs will really be at this point in time and then see if the world is ready for such a hardware device at it's present cost. For more details on sofware development plans see the article here http://tactilemusicpad.surething.biz/2014/01/plans-for-tactilemusic-pad-software.html

example image of the Linnstrument as to be the approximate size and shape of what we want

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